We are extremely, indescribably excited to reveal that Dr. Brian May, astrophysicist, Queen guitarist and head of the London Stereoscopic Company will be joining us at Space Rocks!

He’ll be joining  Science Fiction Vs. Space Fact alongside British astronaut Tim Peake, senior ESA science advisor Mark McCaughrean, 2009 sci fi classic Moon co-creator Gavin Rothery, musician and Science Fiction überfan Charlotte Hatherley and science fiction bestseller Alastair Reynolds – it’ll all be hosted by Dallas Campbell, and promises to be a lot of fun, and that’s not all. We’ll bringing the London Stereoscopic Company to the Space Lounge! 

Brian, alongside photo-historian Denis Pellerin, who has been researching and learning about the history of stereo photography for over 30 years, will be on hand to discuss a variety of implements including some of the earliest equipment used in the 1800’s, through to more modern techniques such as Owl viewers and mobile phones. In 2008 Brian re-founded and became the new manager of The London Stereoscopic Company Ltd. (www.londonstereo.com). The company was initially founded in 1854 in the bustling heart of London. The London Stereoscopic Company were leaders in this craze which gave still images a depth and life never before seen and swept through England, Europe, and eventually the United States. In a world which had never experienced television, the movies, or the internet, this was understandably a revelation!

Dr Brian May says “I’m excited to join the very first Space Rocks! What a great new adventure!”

Tickets to Session Two: Science Fiction vs. Fact and Space Rocks Live featuring Charlotte Hatherley, Arcane Roots, and Lonely Robot. Get your tickets here!