About Space Rocks

Space Rocks is a celebration of space exploration and the art, music, and culture it inspires. It’s our belief that there’s never been a more exciting time in humanity’s quest to understand its place in the universe, looking both outwards into the solar system and the stars and galaxies beyond, and back at the precious planet we all call home.

It isn’t just about great science and technology. From film to music to literature and beyond, the space age we’re living in has been fuelling imaginations for decades, and most recently, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta mission to catch a comet sparked new creative connections around the world.

To capture and expand that excitement, we are now bringing it all under one roof in a new endeavour we call Space Rocks, an opportunity for space and culture to come together to inform, entertain, and inspire a new generation of explorers.

Our pilot event is scheduled for April 22nd, 2018, and we’re going to be joined by some truly inspiring people whose work isn’t just expanding our knowledge of the cosmos, but changing how we see ourselves in it.

With the help of broad range of minds from every scientific and creative field, our goal is share our excitement about the cosmos with space enthusiasts of all ages. It’s our goal with Space Rocks to give you a front-row seat to it all, and we’re only just beginning. We hope to see you soon!

Alexander Milas
Twin V Ltd

Mark McCaughrean
European Space Agency