It feels like yesterday that we were asked to join the Music and Film Stage at Latitude Festival, and many, many people joined us for a fascinating discussion of the future of space exploration for a little panel we called Space: The New Final Frontier, where we took up some of the biggest questions about what’s next for humanity’s greatest endeavour, and we covered everything from AI to Mars colonisation to a very important question that’s been bugging us for years: what’s a warp drive?
Joining us were musician Hero Baldwin, planetary scientist and winner of the BBC’s Astronauts – Do You Have What It Takes? show Suzie Imber, our very own senior advisor for science and exploration at ESA Mark McCaughrean, Harry Potter and Star Trek: Discovery star Jason Isaacs, and moderated by Space Rocks host Alexander Milas. We’ve got a full gallery below, and listen along to what went down on Soundcloud or iTunes!
Photo credits: Jack Thomas