Film review: Prospect

Every fan of sci fi films knows that it’s rare that big-budget Hollywood vehicles throw up any new ideas while the Indie field is littered with revolutionary ones a little less fleshed out, and so it’s a delight to see a film like Prospect get such a warm embrace on the independent film circuit.

Much like Moon, a film celebrating its 10th anniversary this year while remaining utterly timeless, Prospect is set in a future that looks lived in. Space travel no longer the stuff of wonder, and working in space isn’t so much a coveted role as it is wearying experience for those less fortunate in search of riches. It’s that very gold rush mentality that finds a father and daughter team – played by Jay Duplass and Sophie Thatcher respectively – out hunting for minerals in a poisonous forest on an alien moon when they confront Pedro Pascal’s Ezra: a rogue miner who, as you might guess, causes things to go very, very awry.
In many ways it’s a classic detail but for the minor issues of being on an alien world, and it’s the details that really matter with Prospect – from makeshift space suits that look glued together to clever ways of patching oneself after in a fight, Prospect is an Expanse-like glimpse of a believable world that simultaneously harkens back to pulp sci fi of the 70s while feeling like the next era of sci fi on the silver screen. (See the trailer here.)
-Alexander Milas