Win For All Mankind film on Blu-ray!

Directed by Al Reinert and featuring a stunning soundtrack composed by Brian Eno, the thrilling For All Mankind is perhaps the best ever feature-length documentary made about NASA’s Apollo programme. Originally released in 1989 – two decades after the Apollo 11 moon landing – it’s just been reissued by the classic film company for aficionados, Criterion Collection, in high-definition Blu-ray.


Taking in the full lunar programme, Reinert chronicles the story of all 24 astronauts who made up Apollo and all those who landed on the moon. You may know all about Apollo 11, but For All Mankind is different from any other documentary you may have seen. As well as detailing the Apollo 11 mission, it also tells the story of those followed in the footsteps of Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. More importantly, with exhaustive interviews, it tells the story from the astronauts’ point of view: those who underwent the stress and strains of being the first humans on the moon and the expectations and hopes invested in them. Additionally, the film features some stunning cinematography. You will have seen the iconic Apollo rocket launches before, but the visual detail and proximity of the shots in For All Mankind are incredible, making it the perfect documentary on space exploration for hi-def viewing.


Those nice folk at Criterion Collection have given us three copies of For All Mankind (rated PG) on Blu-ray to give away. To be in a chance with winning one, simply email the correct answer to the below question to:


Which astronaut played golf on the moon’s surface during his Apollo mission? 

  1. Buzz Aldrin
  2. Alan Shepard
  3. Ken Mattingly


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