We couldn’t have wished for a better band to headline this year’s Space Rocks London. We’re over the moon to announce announce Anathema as the closing act to the Space Rocks Session 3 live bill! We’re as equally excited to announce that Anathema will be performing a very special one-off set.


Using unique visual imagery developed by ESA and collaborating with multimedia artist Kristina Pulejkova, Anathema’s set promises to be a musical and visual extravaganza not to be missed! Titled The Space Between Us – after the Anathema lyric from their song Summernight Horizon – the show is described by frontman Vincent Cavanagh as exploring both inner and outer space.


The Space Between Us can be interpreted in a few ways,” Vincent tells us. “In reference to Anathema’s music and lyrics, it’s a reminder of the interconnectedness of humanity, honouring the space between us, but not exacerbating it. It relates to how inner space as much as outer space forms the boundaries of exploration. I believe the more we seek to understand the universe, the more we will understand ourselves. In that respect, working with ESA is a real honour.”


“I’m showcasing the brilliant work that ESA has done through space exploration, searching for answers about the origin of life and learning more about the Universe,” says Kristina Pulekova. “I will be using ESA’s archives to tell a visual story about life on our planet and what lies in the great beyond, but also to cast a light on the amazing people who have dedicated their lives to science. It will draw a parallel between life on Earth and the endeavour to strive to reach other planets, looking at our relationship with nature, being human and our place in the Universe.”


“Space exploration is the ultimate expression of humanity’s innate curiosity,” says Space Rocks founding director Alexander Milas. “We use science to explain what’s out there, but we also rely on art and music to convey the incredible beauty of it all, and with the help of our friends at the European Space Agency, Anathema will be beautifully weaving those threads together and that’s what Space Rocks is all about.”


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