We’ve had a great time bringing space down to Earth with Uplink these last two weeks, and if you missed the chance to join us for our livestream just pop over to our youtube channel to catch up, and subscribe while you’re there!


For our debut episode talked isolation with Beth Healey, a medical doctor who spent a year in Antarctica – aka the White Mars – at ESA’s Concordia Station.



For Uplink 02 we discussed Yuri Gagarin with Yuri’s Night founder and Virgin Galactic founder astronaut Loretta Whitesides Yuri’s Night London and London Space Network founder Harriet BRettle.


Uplink 03 was a family reunion, with Space Rocks London 2019 alumni Anna Phoebe and Vincent Cavanagh from Anathema talking about the deep interconnections between music and the night sky.


And finally, for Uplink 04 we went to the furthest reaches of space and human imagination with sci fi visionaries Alastair Reynolds and Pippa Goldschmidt.

We have many more plans for Uplink – just subscribe here and watch this space for future episodes!