Join us on Friday 22nd May for a Steve Rothery Uplink special sponsored by Prog magazine! Also taking part with acclaimed Marillion and solo guitarist Steve will be his friends Thomas Reiter and Rick Armstrong! We’ll be live from 2:30pm (BST) / 3:30pm (CEST) here (don’t forget to subscribe).


Guitarist with prog rock legends Marillion since their formation in 1979, Steve Rothery also performs as a solo artist as well as with The Wishing Tree. He also played on 2011’s In The Last Waking Moments, the debut by Rick Armstrong’s band Edison’s Children. Steve is currently working on a new space-inspired and thematic solo album titled Revontulet. Due for release later this year, you can pre-order a copy here. Check out the stunning video here for a trailer of the track La Silla which was shot at the European Southern Observatory of the same name in Chile’s Atacama Desert.


Retired ESA astronaut from Frankfurt in Germany, Thomas Reiter is also a fan of Steve and Marillion! Thomas was the first German astronaut to undertake an EVA spacewalk, which he achieved in 1995 on a mission to ISS predecessor, space station Mir. During the same mission (along with Canadian astronaut,Chris Hadfield), Thomas was also the first person to play an electric guitar (a modified Soloette) in space, which you can see here! Thomas returned to space in 2006 for Mission 13 to the ISS and currently works as Interagency Coordinator and Advisor to the Director General at ESA.


Rick Armstrong is guitarist with sci-fi themed prog rock supergroup Edison’s Children, which he formed with Marillion bassist Pete Trewavas (who also plays in the band Transatlantic) and Eric Blackwood. Epic in scope and sound, Edison’s Children have released four conceptual albums and are inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd, Genesis and Rush. Outside of his musical career, along with his brother Mark, Rick recently worked as a consultant on the 2019 movie First Man starring Ryan Gosling who played Rick’s father, Neil Armstrong.


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