Join us on Tuesday 26th May for Uplink 13 with sci-fi/fantasy author Adrian Tchaikovsky and ESA astrobiologist Nicol Caplin! We’ll be live from 2:30pm (BST) / 3:30pm (CEST) here (don’t forget to subscribe).


‘Life At The Extreme’ will be a stimulating exploration of life in extreme environments. These hardy survivors, or extremophiles, are unlike any other life on this planet and can help us answer some big questions, like, what are the limits to life and can it survive space travel? Can life hitchhike across the galaxy, and where did life come from to begin with? How can we protect life on Earth and avoid contaminating other planets we explore? Exobiology seeks to answer these questions and ESA research is at the forefront of finding answers.


There are no two better authorities to help us on our journey than Adrian Tchaikovsky and Nicol Caplin. Nicol is an astrobiologist on ESA’s Human Spaceflight & Robotic Exploration team, studying life in extreme environments. Nicol will be bringing the science to the sci-fi with Adrian Tchaikovsky, whose vision of distant futures has grappled with everything from distant space travel to the future of arachnid intelligence. A British sci-fi visionary, his 2016 novel, Children of Time, won the 2016 Arthur C. Clarke award for Best Science Fiction novel.


Join us on Tuesday at 2:30pm (BST) / 3:30pm (CEST) to watch and join in at our Youtube Channel. You can also catch past episodes of Uplink and subscribe for news about forthcoming editions.