Join us on Thursday 11th June for Uplink 16 with musicians KT Tunstall and Charlotte Hatherley! We’ll be live from 8pm (BST) / 9pm (CEST) here (don’t forget to subscribe).


A huge fan of space science and exploration, acclaimed singer-songwriter KT Tunstall’s debut album in 2004 was titled Eye to the Telescope, inspired by her childhood experiences at her father’s physics laboratory at the University of St Andrews. An enormously successful recording and live career followed, and now based in LA, KT is currently working on her seventh studio album. KT recently collaborated with Grace Savage & The Freelance Hellraiser for the fun benefit single Wash Ya Hands all proceeds of which go towards War Child and Water Aid.


Singer-songwriter, composer, and ex-Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley is good friends with KT and they’ve collaborated multiple times. They first worked together when Charlotte played lead guitar with KT’s band in 2010-2011 during KT’s Tiger Suit album tour. They have also recorded together and they formed a band with other female musicians. Charlotte played guitar on KT’s latest two studio albums Kin and Wax, then toured again with her in 2018.


Charlotte has also been a touring member of NZCA Lines and is currently musical director for South African artist Nakhane. She is a friend of Space Rocks, having played at our inaugural event, Space Rocks London live in 2018. Charlotte’s work is inspired by space and the cosmos; her latest album 2017’s True Love was a concept album set in space. It features the track A Sign, the video of which (featuring Charlotte playing a disaffected alien) was directed by sci-fi supremo Gavin Rothery, concept artist and VFX supervisor on the Sam Rockwell movie Moon. Charlotte and Gavin had collaborated earlier in 2014 when Charlotte composed the soundtrack for Gavin’s 2014 short film The Last Man. She also performed the score at the British Film Institute as part of their major three-month focus on sci-fi on screen, Days of Fear and Wonder.


Following the release of True Love, in 2018 Charlotte recorded a stunning cover of the Bee Gees’ How Deep Is Your Love and the video – which tracks the constellation of Orion for the next three million years – was produced in collaboration with ESA.


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