Join us on Friday 22nd June for Uplink 18 with Space Archaeologist Alice Gorman and Science & Tech Journalist Alok Jha for imagining the future past! We’ll be live from 2pm (BST) / 3pm (CEST) here (don’t forget to subscribe).


For Uplink 18, we will be asking, what are the cultural and societal aspects of space exploration, past, present, and future? From refreshing the old narrative of the space race to speculating on where we may go next – and where we hope we do –  this is a look back at the first few centuries of our space age. Will humans lead the way or will robots do our bidding? What is the promise and what are problems of planetary exploration and settlement? Will governments or private corporations lead the way? And how do the urgent issues on spaceship Earth balance out with our desire to reach for the stars?


Alice Gorman FSA is an Australian archaeologist, heritage consultant, and lecturer, who is best known for pioneering work in the field of space archaeology and her Space Age Archaeology blog.


Alok Jha is science and technology correspondent at The Economist and author of The Water Book. Previously he was a Wellcome Trust fellow and has also worked at ITV News, the Guardian and the BBC.


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