Join us on Friday 17th July for Uplink 19 with solar physicists Daniel Müller and Miho Janvier for an in-depth discussion of ESA’s Solar Orbiter. We’ll be discussing the latest news from the Solar Orbiter mission and the Sun’s impact and influence on everything we know! We’ll be live from 2pm (BST) / 3pm (CEST) here (don’t forget to subscribe).



Daniel Müller is the Project Scientist for the Solar Orbiter mission, a joint ESA/NASA space mission to study the Sun up close. Launched this February, it will provide close-up, high-latitude observations of the Sun to study how the Sun creates and controls the Heliosphere, the huge plasma bubble in space that surrounds our solar system. Daniel also works as the Deputy Project Scientist for The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).


With a strong interest in high-performance scientific data visualisation, Daniel coordinates the development of the open-source  JHelioviewer software as ESA Project Lead of the ESA/NASA Helioviewer Project.


Miho Janvier is a space physicist at the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale, France. Her work focuses on the understanding of when solar flares occur, how solar storms travel in space and how they impact planetary environments in the solar system.  In a nutshell, she works towards a better prediction of ‘space weather’, with a goal of better understanding the influence of the Sun’s activity on human societies. She uses data from space missions from NASA, ESA and JAXA as well as developing 3D computer models of solar eruptions.

Miho is also involved as the deputy project scientist on the instrument SPICE as well as a scientific co-Investigator on the instrument EUI on board Solar Orbiter, the next European Space Agency mission to explore the Sun and its close neighbourhood. Her passion for astrophysics and science communication has led her to develop several science communication projects: she partnered with the movie production company TreeHouse Digital Ltd to develop a 360 degrees experience of a solar storm using science data and VFX, and is currently developing a project to showcase the Solar Orbiter mission in Virtual Reality. 


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Left: a model of the Solar Orbiter at Space Rocks London, 2019.