WE ARE BACK! Join us on Friday 31st July for a very special livestream to celebrate Uplink 20. We’ll be welcoming guests Rou Reynolds, Enter Shikari frontman, and Hayley Evers-King, Ocean Scientist with EUMETSAT, for a discussion of life in the anthropocene, our current evolutionary epoch and what might come after – if anything…

We’ll be live from 3pm (BST) / 4pm (CEST) here (don’t forget to subscribe).



Rou Reynolds co-founded the genre-bending alternative electronic rock band Enter Shikari in 1999 Their lead vocalist and keyboardist he has the band’s lyricist throughout their entire recording career which comprises six studio album released between 2007 and 2020. Released this April, new album Nothing Is True & Everything is Possible received rapturous acclaim from critics across the board. NME described it as the band’s most “their most definitive album yet… a Greatest Hits waiting for you to learn the words.”


Rou’s lyrics cover a diverse range of subject matter from intensely personal to mental health to politics, but climate change is one to which he often returns. The new album was informed by existential risk to humanity – everything from NEOs to anthropogenic climate change to nuclear weaponry, and pandemics.


Those already familiar with Enter Shikari’s music will know that they’ve long had a connection with science and the great beyond. Redshift tackles an bigger subject: how the universe is expanding and lucky humanity is to have existed in a lifespan of the universe that can support life as well as having the ability to observe other galaxies, instead of living in the vast, lonely space of the far future. A favourite of ours – given the theme of Space Rocks – Enter Shikari’s song The One True Colour explores how art and science are siblings as they are both essentially exploration.


Regular Uplink viewers will remember Hayley Evers-King from Uplink episode 5 where she joined us along with ESA’s Head of Earth and Mission Science, Mark Drinkwater for an Earth Day Uplink special. Ocean Scientist Hayley works as a Marine Applications Expert at The European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT) in Germany’s Darmstadt.


Made up of 30 member states (but independent from the EU), EUMETAT operates satellites that measure weather and climate, used by organisations across Europe and the world, to forecast weather and detect climate change. Hayley works with the Copernicus Sentinels, in particular Sentinel-3 which measures sea level, sea surface temperature and ocean colour, which support environmental and climate monitoring. Her specialist area of expertise is ocean colour, a measurement that provides insight into ocean health and climate by its relationship to ocean heat content, the carbon cycle and changes in ecosystems. As we know, Earth is a blue planet: 70% of its surface is covered by oceans – so the well-being of our seas is of crucial importance to climate change.



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