Join us on Thursday 29th October for Uplink 27 with space artists Cathrin Machin and Aoife van Linden Tol for a discussion on exploring the universe through art. We’ll be live from 7pm (GMT) / 8pm (CET) here (don’t forget to subscribe).


Cathrin Machin is one of Australia’s fastest growing contemporary artists with a reputation for boldly engaging the primal questions covering the basis of reality and existence. From an early age, she spent hours contemplating the stars and watching science documentaries, leading to a life-long obsession with science, reality, and the depths of space. Having started painting in 2016, Cathrin has gone on to host a solo gallery exhibition in Sydney, Australia. She has hosted the highest crowd-funded painting project in the world and holds the record as Australia’s highest crowd-funded artists of all time.


Aoife van Linden Tol is a multimedia artist working primarily with explosive media. She was the recipient of the first ESA Arts & Science residency, organised by Ars Electronica in partnership with ESA, and worked as a special guest at ESA’s ESTEC facility in Noordwijk for the first part of her residency.


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