Join us on Thursday 5th November for Uplink 28 with visionary musician, singer, songwriter and record producer, Steven Wilson for a discussion on the deep connection between space, science, and music. We’ll be live from 8pm (GMT) / 9pm (CET) here (don’t forget to subscribe).


A self-taught musician, Steven Wilson is most closely associated with the progressive rock genre. Currently a solo artist, he became known as the founder, lead guitarist, lead vocalist and songwriter of the band Porcupine Tree, as well as being a member of several other bands.


Steven Wilson is a self-taught composer, producer, audio engineer, guitar and keyboard player, and plays other instruments as needed, including bass guitar, autoharp, hammered dulcimer and flute. Despite being mainly associated with progressive rock, his influences and work have encompassed a diverse range of genres including psychedelia, pop, extreme metal, electronic and jazz, among others, shifting his musical direction through his albums. His concerts incorporate quadraphonic sound and elaborate visuals. He has also worked with artists such as Opeth, King Crimson, Pendulum, Jethro Tull, Andy Partridge, Yes, Fish, Marillion, Tears for Fears, Roxy Music and Anathema. He has been responsible for several remixes of classic progressive rock albums, such as King Crimson’s In the Court of the Crimson King, Jethro Tull’s Aqualung and Yes’ Close to the Edge.


In a career spanning more than 30 years, Wilson has made music prolifically and earned critical acclaim. His honours include four nominations for Grammy Awards, twice with Porcupine Tree, with his collaborative band Storm Corrosion and as a soloist on one occasion. In 2015, he received three awards from Prog magazine’s Progressive Music Awards in London for his services to the genre, where he was crowned “the king of prog rock”. Nevertheless, his work has largely stayed away from mainstream music, and he has been described by publications such as The Daily Telegraph as “the most successful British artist you’ve never heard of”.


Wilson will release his sixth solo album, The Future Bites, in January, 2021. The first single to be taken from the album, Personal Shopper, was released in March of this year and, a second single, Eminent Sleaze, was released in September and a third single, King Ghost, was released last month.


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