Join us on Thursday 29th April for Uplink 46 with planetary scientist Jacqueline Campbell and astronomer Gaitee Hussain. We’ll be discussing diversity, inclusivity and accessibility for anyone wanting to work in space science, regardless of their background. We’ll be live from 8pm BST / 9pm CEST / 3pm EDT so set yourself a reminder here (and don’t forget to subscribe).


Jacqueline Campbell began studying space science after a 10 year career as a tube train driver by taking correspondence and evening classes, then began working in retail and as a carer while she completed her Earth and Ocean Science BSc from the University of Brighton. She went on to look for organic signatures on Mars for her PhD at UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory, and is now a Schmidt Science Fellow at the University of Oxford, researching ocean acidification. She is passionate about improving diversity and accessibility in space science, particularly for those like herself who didn’t get the opportunity to start on the path towards a STEM career at school.


Gaitee Hussain first became interested in space as a child, a self-confessed sci-fi geek. Her first ever computing project at school involved devising a program that catalogued space missions. Gaitee’s main area of research focuses on probing the role that stellar activity plays in the evolution of stars and in shaping their immediate surroundings. Her career spans an undergraduate degree in Astronomy & Physics at UCL, a PhD at St Andrews, postdoctoral positions at the Center for Astrophysics in the US, ESA’s ESTEC in The Netherlands, and St Andrews, before joining the European Southern Observatory in Garching, Germany in 2007. AT ESO, she was responsible for organising calls for telescope proposals, peer review and scheduling, editing The Messenger bulletin, and served as deputy head of the Office for Science. Moving back to ESTEC in 2020, Gaitee is now Head of the Science Division in ESA’s Science Directorate, which includes all of the project scientists working on all of ESA’s science missions, 25 research fellows and several trainees/interns. She also supports the faculty and science communication / education initiatives.


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